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Mitochondrial base editor induces substantial nuclear off-target mutations

We are providing an unedited version of this manuscript to give early access to its findings. Before final publication, the manuscript will undergo further editing. Please note there may be errors present which affect the content, and all legal disclaimers apply.


DddA-derived cytosine base editors (DdCBEs), which are fusions of the split-DddA halves and transcription activator-like effector (TALE) array proteins, enable targeted C·G-to- T·A conversions in mitochondrial DNA1. However, its genome-wide specificity is poorly understood. Here we show that the mitochondrial base editor induces extensive off-target editing in the nuclear genome. Genome-wide, unbiased analysis of its editome reveals hundreds of off-target sites that are TALE array sequence (TAS)-dependent or -independent. TAS-dependent off-target sites in the nuclear DNA (nDNA) are often specified by only one of the two TALE repeats, challenging the principle that DdCBEs are guided by a paired TALE proteins positioned in close proximity. TAS-independent nDNA off-target sites are frequently shared among DdCBEs with distinct TALE arrays. Notably, they co-localize strongly with CTCF-binding sites and are enriched in TAD boundaries. We also engineered DdCBE to alleviate such off-target effect. Collectively, our results have implications for the use of DdCBEs in basic research and therapeutic applications, and suggest the need to thoroughly define and evaluate the off-target effects of base editing tools.

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Correspondence to Chengqi Yi.

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Supplementary Information

This file contains Supplementary Discussion; legends for Supplementary Tables 1-5 and Supplementary Videos 1-2; Supplementary Figures 1-27 and Supplementary References.

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Lei, Z., Meng, H., Liu, L. et al. Mitochondrial base editor induces substantial nuclear off-target mutations. Nature (2022).

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